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In the spirit of upcoming Halloween I`d like to propose a little Babb inspired game - take one (or more) of these badfic quotes and, with either a drabble or a macro, provide a scary twist to them... Being scarier than some of these will be a feat, though.

Lily Evans is in her 7th year along with two of her best friends, they are called The Marbles.

He planted a permenent sticking charm at the floor under "Belatrix" and she was stuck to the floor, fore ever!!! .

Draco’s two voices (A: N which I have decided on calling his conscious and subconscious) had actually started to get along (A: N can you believe it: O)

A story about the only person that Lard Voldemort ever loved, his niece. We follow Lady Tempest as she goes through a year at Hogworts, and see all the trials she faces.

Even though they were sent to kill me that night, vampires are still very sexual.

A very pretty blonde girl with ocean blue eyes, brick red lips and a very clear complexion except for the freckles going across her nose. She has a d bust and a butt, white teeth and very nice curves, stepped on the train of the Hogwarts Express for her first.......well sixth year of hogwarts, but shes been here before.

Harry gasped loud. The man covered in Goo was SNAPE!!

WARNING: Slash, Independent!Harry, Slave!Harry, Twin!Harry, Grey!Powerful!Harry

Red hair and freckles that usually cause her muscles to tense, change into red hair and freckles that put her at ease when Ginny intervenes after finding out of her older brother's abusive ways.

“The baby will grow again if both parents want it.’ Madame Pomfrey looked at him with pity.
‘But now, he’s growing.’ Severus looked lovingly at his flat stomach. He had a constant morning sickness for the last eighteen years.

He took of his pants and boxers to reveals his “secret weapon”.

and she thinks she might also like ron Weasley a bit more than harry potter and she is very popular and can get any boy she likes of course becaue she is gorjus and has pretty sparkling robes and lots of friends that are now dead.

Happy Halloween!
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