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Part CCCVII - more graceful then an angle

Some the changes I've made are:
Severus and the Marauders are in the same year as Harry, Ron and Hermione.
James Potter is Harry's twin brother.
Severus is not in love with Lily
Ron and Harry don't get on, Ron is James' friend and is a pureblood supremacist as is James and Pettigrew.
Remus is friendly with Severus
Hermione and Ginny are not in Gryffindor
Also there is a slightly unusual friendship in this, see if you can guess.
There are others but there'll be more about them later and I'm also adding two new characters so that I can explore some of the possibilities I've opened up.
I don't own HP; anything you recognise is not mine.
On this particular occasion she was wearing a pair of distressed and torn jeans, a black corset, black buckled ankle boots and a pair of black fingerless leather gloves with several black bracelets and ring. On the middle finger of her right hand she wore an emerald ring, a family heirloom, and she had emerald earrings in her ears; around her neck was a black choker and a dark chain that plunged down into her cleavage. On the end of a chain was a black cross that was hidden from sight by her corset. Draped over her trolley was a black leather trench coat, the top of which was lying on her black trunk with her initials stamped on it in silver lettering.
Nia swept Taffy up in her arms and held her close. Taffy was a Toyger, a breed of cat that's been bred to look like a tiger, but a very special one with special powers.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them again, her eyes were not human anymore. The blue had spread so that it covered the whole of her eye and the pupil became a long black vertical slit; in essence, her eyes had become those of a dragon.
It sat there for a few seconds before moving gently and whispering quietly.
"Hmmm… there's an strong sense of loyalty there, as well as intense bravery. There's also a lot of intelligence and cunning. But where would you be best suited for?" It said. Images of herself in the colours of each house crossed her mind. She swiftly rejected Hufflepuff yellow as yellow looked hideous on her; she rejected Gryffindor red too as she didn't actually like it. Suddenly she saw herself in Slytherin green and stuck with that.
"Mister Potter and Mister Weasley! Pay attention or else I'm gonna put a potion in your pumpkin juice so you suddenly bark like a dog, and then I'm gonna buy a dog collar and a leash and are you two my pets" Snape said while looking angry at Harry and Ron
"You didn't noticed that your breathing is getting heavier? And that you shirt is soaked in sweat? Or that your heart beating is getting faster?" Snape get's a little closer to Draco till his lips reached Draco's ear "And that you pants is getting tighter?...." he said with an smile on his face
"What!?" Draco turned red and avoids Snape's eyes
"You know you want it, I can help you….if you want….or you can go to Potter and ask him if he helps you…"
"With Potter was the first and the last time! He was just a toy!" Draco answered angry
Snape enjoys the hot mouth of his student sucking and licking his zone, he leans against his desk with his eyes still closed. "10 points for Slytherin…" he said
Suddenly the eyes of Draco widened and released his mouth from the cock, White juice is coming out of Snape's member, and it's also dripping out of Draco's mouth.
Draco didn't liked that Snape stopped,he wanted this….he wanted that Snape fucked him so hard that he screamed his name.
"you're a little impatient, aren't you?" Snape grabbed his own cock. "You want this?"
"That's what I wanne hear" Snape smiled and putted in one hard move his big member in Draco's entrance.
Go away Neville. I have no time for you," replied Hermione.
Neville stared at her, looking like a 'know it all', but just simply said, "then why won't you make some time then. I can tell you about Snape's knickers."
Hermione changed red in anger, while glaring at Neville. She held that glare for fifteen seconds.
and maybe, just maybe, Harry would mercifully forgive him in the morning, like he always did.
When it comes to that, Ron couldn't help but feel lucky to have such a good-natured friend. He kept his fingers crossed while praying hard in his mind--- please make this time like all the other times.
As he turned away from the study, Ron couldn't help but keep thinking about how angry Harry looked and how firmly he wanted to push him out of that room.
He had never perceived so much rage in Harry's bright green eyes. Those emerald pupils always presented their owner as brave, clever and lenient, maybe daring sometimes, but never violent or temperamental.
Trained to find a bit of fun in Celestina's songs since about five, Ron rolled up his sleeves, not daring to let out any sigh of tiredness (somehow he believed Harry could hear him), and started cleaning the table.
she wasn't even bothered by the fact that the Dark Lord was on the loose and wanted to killer her and her friends. Her long bushy hair had tamed and now sat in ringlets on her mid back, her buck teeth were now straight and pearly white, Her skin had cleared and was now a flawless olive color, causing her hazel eyes to stand out even more then they had in the past.
"Daddy I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disobey you I just…" She threw her arms around his neck and cried.
Severus took a few moments to but wrapped his arms around his daughter that he had just met over the summer, she had always called him Severus up until that point and he wanted to cry, he had his daughter back and he wasn't going to let anything happen to her as long as it was within his power.
"Severus?" came a female voice.
"Grandma!" Hermione ran to her grandmother and hugged her crying onto her shoulder.
"It's alright Angel I'm here, you're ok." She soothed.
"How do you do that Mom?" Severus asked when Hermione calmed down.
"By being an approachable head of house Severus."
"I'm approachable."
"Actually Minerva is more approachable then you Severus."
"Shut it Albus."
"Grandpa," Hermione hugged the white haired wizard like she had always thought of in respect.
"Your alright Lemon, how is your head?"
Hermione couldn't be more proud of her family and their accomplishments; she ended up marrying Ron, and Harry ended up marrying Ginny, which in all honesty was confusing, their kids were still cousins but Then again Harry was Hermione's children's third cousin and the same went for Hermione, and yet they were the children's aunt and uncle too, it was confusing but they made it easy and just went with the aunt and uncle titles. Hermione's children often spent their days with their grandfather in the castle while Hermione and Minerva went over book discussions and family discussions.
Hermione didn't know how her life got so easy and complete but she milked it for all it's worth, and it all started with her little mishap with word vomit.
**(link)      (Pottersues report)
I remembered what I could do when I was embarresedand I smirked.
"Maybe we don't wanna move!" Cho said defensively
"I guess she doesnt know the truth about me huh? Or she forgot" I said as my eyes turned black and I felt fireballs on my hands.
Her eyes just widened and she moved out of my way, pushing Harry so she could move.
"Thank you" I said while my eyes now tuned blue and I ran so Harry couldn't see water started pouring out of my hands.
"Isabelle? What's wrong?" Cormac Mclaggen asked
"Nothing" I murmured and tried to stop the water
Harry's POV
I saw her eyes turn green cause she was scared. The lights started flickering and she started glowing faintly. She was beautiful.... Wait what am I saying?! I'm going out with Cho!
Cho's a slut
Belle is amazing
Cho's name means nothing but bitch
Belle's name means Beauty
"You look like a princess with a tattoo!" Ginny said putting on her earings
She was right.
Hermione Granger had detention with Professor Snape for not paying attention in class that afternoon. Hermione hesitated to knock on the door. Fully aware what her detention had in store for her. She remembers why she wasn't paying full attention in class today, her reason was this. She kept staring at Professor Snape while trying to brew some healing potion for the up coming war. She kept thinking how smart he was. how sexy his voice was. though he wasn't the most sexiest man on earth, to her, he seemed perfect. She loved his crooked nose. His sneer, his rude comments. She thought his comments were hilarious.
He couldn't help the beauty that she has. Her curly brown past her shoulder length hair. Her perfect chocolate brown eye's. her voice like an angel when she speaks. How she always answers his questions during class. She is the perfect woman for him. if only she was his age. Or better yet. He was her age.
"I'm Pregnant." Hermione blurted out. Severus was overjoyed by this and quickly got off the couch and picked up Hermione and tightly hugged and kissed her all over, swinging her around.
"OH MY GOD HERMIONE!" Severus said.
"I can't believe it! I'm….we're pregnant! We're having a baby!" Severus yelled. He couldn't control his excitement.
**(link)      (Pottersues report)
I tried to think, to think of something to say. But what was there to say? I was a witch, a mother fucking witch!
"Um, well this is very interesting" The hat went quite as we had a little battle in my head. 'Where shall I put you? You seem to have interesting qualities, some I have never seen before, I think I shall make you your own house, for I know there will be more like you, what shall I call it. Ummm, lets see. O I got it' "I have made my decision! ABTU" and the hat went silent. All around us the castle started to shake, it was growing, adding my house onto its grounds. The flags changed, a new table was made. My flag was one of beauty. It had the goddess 'Isis' with a black background.
I got up and ran to the window, but before I could jump he grabbed me. I started to cry, I did everything, I couldn't stop him.
Just then the door blew open, we both stared at the Professor. "Mr Malfoy, what are you doing!"
"Professor Snape. We were just playing, you interrupted our fun" He didn't move, but his erection went away.
"Judging by the marks on Ms. Isis I would say t wasn't consensual. Get some close on and tomorrow report to professor Twigs for three weeks of detention. GO NOW." Snape
He come over to me and held out his hand. "You should take a bath Isis, it will hep calm your nerves."
I reached out to grab his hand, but my arm wouldn't move. My shoulder was broke, as well as my leg, and three ribs. I could feel them now. And god they hurt. I was surprised when he lifted me up and placed me lightly on the couch. I was even more surprised when he started healing me.
I was still completely naked, and I could tell that it was affecting him. The bulge in his pants was getting bigger with every sweep of his wand.
I watched him until I felt better. Then I don't know what came over me. I sat up and walked over to him. I pressed my body against him, making sure my hand came in contact with his bulge.
"Come take a bath with me Severus, make sure I am okay."
My hands went to her chest, I cupped them, not to big, c at most, I squeezed her boobs, my mouth started its way to her nibbles.
We played around in the tub, both cleaning each other off. "Hermione, have you ever tried vibrators." (You can let you imagination go from there)
I just couldn't stop thinking about my dance partner, he was more graceful then an angle.
This time the centaur's bowed to me, "It is an honer to met you my Queen."
"M-m-my Queen?" I was just astonished.
"Yes, my Queen, this Forest belongs to you, as well as the creatures living inside, you can go were you please." and with that they left my clearing.
( Pottersues report)
(no direct link, story appears to have been deleted)
Lux sighed with her French accent, “So what brings you to Pairs,”
Licking his lips again, “If it’s any constellation I’m gravely sorry for your loss,”

Thanks to:
shyfoxling for the Nia fic, the fic where Hermione has “a little mishap with word vomit” and the Draco/Snape fic
shocolate for the fic where Neville knows something about Snape`s knickers and the fic where Ron acts as Harry`s abused boyfriend

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